Green mock-up hotel a hit at Hostex

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Hostex Cape features a mock-up of a green hotel this year for the first time, the brainchild of Lorraine Jenks, owner of and the Greenstuff Village.

Jenks has been a passionate environmentalist since the 1970′s in California in the US where she worked with one of the earliest environment protection agencies.

She has long had the idea of showing the hospitality industry that adopting a green philosophy in their establishment is not as difficult as they may believe.

She says of the mock-up of a green hotel at the show, which has been fully kitted out with eco-friendly products from floor to ceiling: "It has gone much better than expected. We have a stand at Hostex every year, but I love working with the Cape Town market. We have had a lot of interest in the stands and the people coming through have been focussed - the right people are here, asking the right questions and understanding our mission."

"We believe this is the first time that a mock-up of a green hotel has been put up in the world."

Jenks started out with a directory for the hospitality industry eight years ago. She says three years ago they launched the green version and their hits went from 3000 per month three years ago to around 190 000 at the end of last year.

She points out that the show's green hotel "has allowed hoteliers to smell, see, touch, open and close and see what is green and why."

"This is an educational experience, demystifying the jargon and showing people how easy it is to go green. It is our website brought to life."

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