Namibia and Ghana join World Association of Chefs Societies

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Namibia and Ghana were among the ten new member countries' chef's associations to be formally inducted into the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) at the 34th congress held in Chile in January.

Other countries to join this international organisation of chef's associations for the first time this year were Bosnia and Herzegovina, Honduras (as an affiliated member), Macedonia, Micronesia, Pakistan, Peru, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan.

WACS president Gissur Gudmundsson says: "We're delighted to welcome these new countries who have joined the WACS family to promote and share international culinary initiatives including education, training and competitions."

He adds: "To support our growth, we are embracing new initiatives and industry partnerships, including three international WACS committees (education, culinary and marketing), with representatives from all continents."

New continental directors were elected at this year's congress and Arnold Tanzer was once again chosen to oversee the Africa and Middle East region. Tanzer is an active chef in the industry and has worked across the region he represents as well as internationally. He is also vice-president of the South African Chefs Association (SACA).

SACA includes chefs from African and Middle Eastern countries wherever possible in its activities, to network with local chefs and share information.

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