Quake injures 5 at Monticello in Chile

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Sun International has confirmed that Monticello, located about 60 km south of Santiago in Chile, was damaged in the earthquake on Saturday morning.

CE David Coutts-Trotter said that staff at its Monticello operation had evacuated over 3 500 people in less than eight minutes. "Miraculously given the strength of the quake and aftershocks, only five people were injured, one seriously who is receiving medical treatment and every assistance from us.

"There has been significant damage to the casino and retail complex including the convention centre and administration areas, some of it due to the quake and aftershocks and some due to the sprinkler system, which was activated during the tremor. As an indication of the severity of the quake, a two-ton safe moved over a metre during the tremor.

"Monticello was immediately closed, all services switched off, the complex secured and cordoned off. The complex will remain closed for the foreseeable future while the damage is better assessed and the building cleared up and essential remedial works are completed. Safety of our guests and staff is our overriding concern in this situation."

"Our emergency evacuation process worked exceptionally well and our management and staff at Monticello performed exactly according to their training. This contributed in no small measure to protecting the lives and safety of our guests and staff and kept injuries to an absolute minimum."

"The company has earthquake insurance in place for both the damage to property and the costs of business interruption. There will however be a deductible in terms of the policy amounting to some $8m."

"Sun International expresses its solidarity with the people of Chile in the wake of this catastrophic event. Together with the management of Monticello, we will work with local communities to assist with the enormous work required in the aftermath of the quake."

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