Kalahari Plains Camp in tune with desert

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Kalahari Plains Camp in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve is an example of what is possible when a company is committed to the idea of environmental sustainability and works in harmony with its surroundings.

All electricity and hot water are generated by solar power. A bank of photovoltaic panels, inverters, batteries and a computer-controlled system together create and manage the power source for the camp. Even the fridges and freezers in the kitchen and the entire staff village are powered by solar energy.

In addition to the fact that an entire camp hosting 24 guests can be run with such a light footprint, the architecture of the camp as a whole accords well with the environment: the guest units have insulated canvas walls and roofs to keep the temperatures inside comfortable.

The camp has implemented a system to collect the meagre amounts of water that fall as rain in this arid environment. Every rooftop has been enlisted in this project: run-off from all flat roofs flows into gutters and in turn into holding tanks that store 150 000 litres of rainwater. For every 1mm of rain falling, some 2 610 litres of water can be collected and stored.

Situated on a large pan, Kalahari Plains Camp comprises 10 en-suite canvas units with a sleep-out deck above each from which to enjoy the night skies and nocturnal sounds which range from roaring lions to barking geckos.

A new airstrip is situated just 30 minutes drive from the camp.

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