New DIY technology set to make front desk queues a thing of the past

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Southern Sun Garden Court Sandton City in Johannesburg has just launched Africa's first hotel self check-in and check-out kiosk.

Priya Naidoo, GM of communications for the hotel group, says: "A great day begins and ends with a great stay. Southern Sun's extensive guest research has pin-pointed that today's traveller is pushed for time. We are delighted to provide an alternative, time-saving check-in and check-out service for our business guests and for families travelling with children, where a speedy check-in is always fundamental."

This innovative technology, first seen at Southern Sun Garden Court Sandton City, reinforces the group's brand philosophy of being ahead of hospitality innovation. More consumers are embracing technologies geared towards self-service.

MD Graham Wood explains: "Our guests already use self check-in facilities at airports and the movies, and at economy, economy plus and brand hotels overseas. Generally, they welcome technology that enables them to 'do it themselves' - not to mention quickly."

The kiosk allows guests to check-in and out and to perform certain in-house functions within the hotel environment. The touch screen application facilitates easy interaction.

To use the self check-in service, guests simply identify themselves at the kiosk with a reservation number or credit card. The kiosk integrates with the hotel's operational system, allocates a room, authorises a debit or credit and dispenses a room key card.

Through a similar identification process, it also allows guests to check-out, charging to a debit or credit card, or billing back to the guest's company or travel agent.

Wood adds: "The self-service environment permits guests to make choices at their own pace. It instils a sense of control, provides a quick service and maintains privacy. For those who prefer anonymity, self check-in is the perfect vehicle."

The friendly front desk staff are still on hand to provide check-in services at reception and to assist customers with the new kiosks if needed.

Wood concludes: "We continually endeavour to bring innovation to the forefront, to implement new technologies and new ways of working, and to generate new processes that truly benefit our guests."

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