The ?39 fry-up: London’s most expensive hotel breakfast

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Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but that doesn't mean you want to blow your daily food budget before 10am.

Yet that's a real danger if you're staying at one of London's luxury hotels. Perhaps it's no surprise that a five-star hotel charges five-star prices but ?39 (each!) for a fry-up is enough to make you choke on your organic free-range banger. The ?39 breakfast offered by the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel tops the list of most expensive breakfasts compiled by hotel booking app Blink Booking, with the Dorchester (?36) and Ritz (?35) not far behind.

The least expensive is at The Levin hotel in Knightsbridge who charge ?9.95. Even so, that's still steep for breakfast. If you are staying on a room-only basis, we say skip the hotel breakfast and venture out to the nearest cafe, street food stall or market stall. Not only will you save money, you'll have a much more interesting breakfast – The Towpath Cafe on Regent's Canal, recommended by Mark Hix in this round-up of chef's favourite breakfasts, serves a mean masala-spiced scrambled eggs.

Our budget eats guru Tony Naylor has eaten his way round the capital – and beyond – and while his series focuses primarily on lunch, many of the places he recommends also do brilliant breakfasts: the cafe at Brockwell Lido, for example; or a 90p filled beigel from Brick Lane institution Beigel Bake. You can find more ideas in Eleanor Morgan's round up of the best places to eat on London's tourist trail.

Over to you now. What's your favourite place in London for breakfast – or in the UK for that matter? Post your suggestion in the comments below.

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