Kievits Kroon revamps conference offering with enhanced sensory experience

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Kievits Kroon has undergone an extensive refurbishment programme that sees the addition of 42 new luxury rooms, bringing to 142 the number of suites on this expansive country property outside of Pretoria.

The new rooms have been given a modern twist with the use of aluminium, stone, glass and steel materials. The interiors were created by Lauren Beckwith of Black Moon Designs. Beckwith describes the new look as a "neutral palette of beiges with mixed tones of rust and ochre complemented by carefully selected artworks and lighting. The overall effect of the airy rooms is a sublime sensory experience that epitomises comfort and wellness."

The conference experience at Kievits Kroon has also been reworked to tie in with the property's wellness theme and is designed to appeal to the five senses. The conference centre can host groups of between 10 and 120 delegates.

MD of Kievits Kroon Alan O'Leary explains: "We want to offer our clients something simple and uncluttered, yet effective, ensuring they reach their goal at the end of their conference. We do this by leading delegates on a subtle sensory journey."

The conference-related sensory experience extends from the entrance through to the meeting rooms. These include:

- a signature scent from strategically placed aromatherapy oil burners,

- meeting room refreshments now a colourful assortment of sweet and savoury high-energy snacks on tables,

- an environmental innovation in the introduction of O-Original Water Concept, which sees purified tap water offered in re-usable bottles, all produced on site,

- food and beverage menus that now include items such as smoothies, granola glasses, mini hamburgers and homemade pies, and

- chairs that have been re-upholstered, with the two largest meeting rooms now featuring ergonomically designed "sleigh-based" chairs for better back support and comfort.

The property has also introduced a new corporate identity, which includes a Jacaranda tree in the logo. This is featured on the new range of branded pens and mugs.

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