Mantis Group partners with explora to expand into South America

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Explora, a specialist experiential travel group in South America, has entered into a partnership with the Mantis Group as Mantis looks to expand its portfolio into South American countries.

The group's founder Adrian Gardiner says of the deal: "The Mantis Group is thrilled to welcome three very special properties into our family with explora. This is the Mantis Group's first foray into South America and to enter with such a prestigious collection like explora is an honour."

"Together we will welcome guests from around the world to explore this amazing continent with three very different experiences in Chilean Patagonia, the Atacama desert and the Easter Islands. This will be a fantastic journey for both groups."

He adds, "Mantis is committed to working with likeminded people who share our vision for once in a lifetime experiences, which are in keeping with the Mantis credo: 'conserving a vanishing way of life'."

Explora was established in 1989 as a new way of travelling to the remote regions in South America, where the focus is on in-depth exploration of the surroundings. Its three lodges - in the Chilean regions of Atacama (Hotel de Larache), Patagonia (Hotel Salto Chico) and Easter Island (Posada de Mike Rapu) - and Travesia Expeditions complement Mantis's specialist collection of African game reserves, boutique hotels and luxury adventure and yachting experiences across Africa and Europe.

Together they form a collection of some of the world's finest retreats, selected and inspired by remote and distinctive locations that recognise the importance of wildlife, natural beauty and individuality as well as exploration and discovery.

Both explora and the Mantis Group are family-run companies that invest in the preservation of cultural heritage and the natural environment. This new partnership will allow collaborative sales and marketing efforts to a like-minded client base to raise global awareness and increase sales.

"We believe our new partnership with Mantis will yield positive results for explora's market penetration in key social niches while broadening our client base and promotion capacity. We are impressed with Mantis' management team, high standards, expertise and connections within its preferred regions and look forward to smooth and expanded sales operation as a result," says Jess Parrilla, commercial vice president of explora.

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