Maximillien restaurant serves up food and fashion

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Maximillien restaurant in Legacy Corner Mall in Sandton, Johannesburg is launching catwalk fashion shows on the first Wednesday of every month at 20h00, starting on 7 April. Diners can now enjoy a meal while watching professional models showcase a range of garments, accessories and shoes from stores in the mall.

The fashion shows are part of Maximillien French cuisine restaurant's new lifestyle offering that aims to create a memorable night out.

The stores featured in the shows are in the Legacy Corner Mall and also benefit from the exposure. They will stay open for later trading hours to cater to customers during these evenings.

Participating stores include Donatello Rufrano, Geri, Aldo Brue, Giovanni Uomo, Moda Braza, Moloko Fashions, The Vault, Mana Boutique, Mari Pippo, 312 Couture, Zifferelli, Royal Jewels and Adam and Eve.

The fashion show route through the restaurant also highlights the dcor, including ceramic chandelier, spiral staircase and other features that can be viewed from the restaurant as well as the adjacent Maxim Cigar and Whiskey Lounge.

Fashion shows as part of restaurant promotions have been successfully incorporated into the offering of other international venues, including various restaurants in St Tropez and Monaco.

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