Juicy Lucy revamps brand image

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Juicy Lucy, one of South Africa's oldest food franchises, has launched a new logo and fresh brand image, revitalising its menu and redesigning its outlets.

Craig MacKenzie, director of management company Java Brands which owns the Juicy Lucy franchise, says: "Consumers are becoming more conscious of their choices and more educated and discerning. While quick meals remain the order of the day in a fast paced world, there's a definite move away from greasy, processed foods towards wholesome, nutritional meals. The new look Juicy Lucy's are a natural response to that."

Juicy Lucy's first new-look restaurants opened in November 2009 at the Galleria Mall on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast and Groblersdal. The make-over will be rolled out to restaurants nationwide this year.

The make-over was engineered by a new brand team, which includes Promise Brand Specialists as its brand custodians and advertising agency.

Juicy Lucy has been a market leader in healthy, convenience meals since the 1970′s. It has regularly revitalised its menu to suit a wide range of tastes and healthy eating needs.

"The tone of our brand is personable, unpretentious and warm, rather than cold or distant," explains MacKenzie.

The reworked menu includes new healthy options balanced with existing favourites such as Juicy Lucy's Cheezas. Three key menu sections include smoothies and juices, sandwiches and burgers and freshly brewed Java Heights Speciality Coffee. There is also a range of breakfast options, salads and soups.

Liani Luyt of Limestone Design Studio was tasked with revamping the restaurants, making them more user-friendly, open and inviting. The service counter has been moved to the front and bench seating options added.

Decor features earthy tones, textures, natural materials and fresh colours, including the brand's signature green.

MacKenzie says there is a natural fit between the refreshed Juicy Lucy brand and consumers' growing environmental consciousness. The brand has opted for non-toxic and hygienic finishes such as stainless steel that can be cleaned without using strong chemicals. Gas, rather than electricity, is used for cooking.

According to Luyt, most of the materials used can be recycled, including the polypropylene chairs, stainless steel fittings, and clay and glass tiles. The bamboo table tops and cork wall and floor coverings are eco-friendly and harvested from sustainable resources. The green stain that has been created especially for Juicy Lucy also uses natural dyes that will not harm the environment.

"Our food is flavourful and naturally good and juices are preservative-free. Juicy Lucy is about all things fresh - fresh ingredients, freshly prepared meals, a fresh, new look using fresh new colours and textures and a fresh approach to living," adds MacKenzie.

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