7 Tales of Travel Gone Awry

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Travelers often post stories about their trips gone awry on our Forums. These tales of imperfect holidays provide no end of lighthearted chuckles and empathy among our users, who sometimes find these tales of woe useful as guidelines for what not to do while on vacation. Here's a sampling of recent trip reports that tickled our funny bone.

Greece's Daring Donkeys
Deciding not to take the tram with my family, I thought I would just walk. Big mistake. The donkeys run down the path and don't care if anybody or anything is in their way. Every time I heard the jingling bells hung around the animal's neck, I would take refuge behind a light post. I felt like Pacman on a computer game. (more from the Forums)

Flat-Tire Fiasco in Costa Rica
Only ten minutes on the road and already a flat tire? No way...I stand outside the car talking to my wife, trying to create the impression to the cars whizzing by that nothing appears to be wrong and I'm simply carrying on a nonchalant conversation. (more from the Forums)

A Costly Load in Venice
On our last trip to Venice, my husband and I left our clothes with the hotel to wash and dry. If you choose to have someone else do your laundry, don't make the same mistake we did! Ask FIRST what the COST will be. We were charged over $100 dollars for a tiny load of clothes. (more from the Forums)

The Treachery of Heels in London
I nearly flattened myself while crossing the street to the London Eye, and managed to twist the heck out of my ankle while simultaneously flinging my purse at some poor unsuspecting pedestrian. I managed a pathetic, 'Well at least I didn't fall,' to which I was greeted with looks of disgust and bewilderment. (more from the Forums)

New York's Slippery Sidewalks
It started to rain, and my fantastically comfortable and apparently tread-less flip flops were no match for the slate areas of the sidewalk. I fell and completely soaked my shirt. With a slight limp, we headed back a block to the sale rack at Banana Republic. Though it was embarrassing to fall, thankfully I fell near somewhere to shop. (more from the Forums)

A Grand Entrance on the Paris Dining Scene
In Paris, I was going to dine in an intimate restaurant with a boyfriend. I wore a light wool jacket over a sweater, and as I swept through the door anticipating romance, the maitre'd helped me with removing my jacket -- and the little sweater too! (more from the Forums)

Our Perennial Favorite: Naked in Key West
Around closing time, the bar gave me a towel and I found myself walking back to my hotel two miles down Duval Street at two in the morning? (more) from Help! Someone Took My Money, Cell Phone, Keys, and Clothes!

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